1. Irene 3 Contributor Profile #7: dw and Dakota McFadzean

    Dakota McFadzean and dw are two of the three founding editors of Irene. Dakota and dw have collaborated before, but never on anything as ambitious as Ten Minutes’ Break, their new story for Irene 3. dw made up the characters, setting and story (with a few crude sketches for guidance) and handed these materials over to Dakota. Dakota created all of the images for the piece, fleshing out the character designs, plotting the page layouts and penciling and inking every stroke of the finished work. As Dakota worked, he would suggest necessary script edits and show his progress to dw for feedback. It was a truly collaborative effort that was more fluid and intimate than the old “written by/illustrated by” comics partnership. The finished piece is the story of an epic space war between dinosaurs and aliens which all takes place in ten minutes while the hourly-wage protagonists are on the day’s first coffee break. The cover for Irene 3 was designed by dw and the end-pages were designed by Dakota.

    Irene 3 will debut at APE in San Francisco on October 12th!

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    When two of the Irene editors collaborate, you know it’s gonna be a monster of the a story. Picking up the books from...
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    dw and I made a thing together. Check it out in Irene 3.
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