1. benjuers:

    Even though I’ve posted four or five of these interstitial drawings I did for Irene #4, there’s still somewhere between 15 and 1,000 more of them in the actual book, so maybe you should just buy it before it sells out and before Irene #5 comes out, which is soonish, and which you should also buy.

  2. andywarnercomics:

    I’ll be tabling at San Francisco Zinefest tomorrow and Sunday, selling Irenes, a new minicomic collection called “When We Were Kids” and a bunch of other stuff.

    Come by and see me at table 103 this Saturday and Sunday!

    I’m also lucky to be right next to superbuddies Silver Sprocket (table 102) and Mixtape Comics (table 101) - pretty nice company to keep!

  3. paddymacjr:

    Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to draw TIE fighters and X-wings blowing up. And make the sound effects while I did it.

    I know what this is for

  4. dakotamcfadzean:

    A panel from “Gnoshlox”, a short story that will be in the next issue of Irene. Irene 5 will debut this fall at APE. Help us pay for printing by buying a back issue or two.

  5. dakotamcfadzean:

    Another excerpt from this story I’m working on for the new issue of Irene.

  6. dakotamcfadzean:

    Excerpt from a thing I’m working on for the next issue of Irene.

  7. Irene #4 received a thoughtful review from the folks at Comics for Grownups. You can have a listen here:


    Jump to 39:30 to hear the Irene part (though the whole show is worth it and includes a review of Darwin Carmichael is going to Hell, which was drawn by past Irene contributor Sophie Goldstein). 

    Also, we are a only a few sales away from being able to fund our next issue, which will debut at APE 2014. You can help us make the next issue happen by buying a copy of Irene here, (or here for Canadians). 

    We have some great stuff lined up for Irene 5, so check back soon!

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  9. dakotamcfadzean:

    Oh look— it’s Irene 4 spotted in the wild at The Beguiling in Toronto.

    You all should read this anthology. There is a ton of lovely work in it. You should buy it with money. Then we’ll use that money to make more issues of Irene. 

    Buy it here.

    Canadians buy it here.

    To not buy Irene, click here.

  10. szjold:

    "Never felt better."

  11. andywarnercomics:



    We’re putting the finishing touches on THE FRIEND ZONE, your sanctuary and ours from the San Diego ComiCon this weekend, with our dear friends at Mixtape Comics and Irene Comics
    Booth N-03 in Small Press (listed as “Mixtape Comics”)

    All weekend we will be slingin’ free haircuts, bad idea potion and a willingness to employ direct action to make up for comic-cons missing harassment policy (WE RIDE TOGETHER! WE DIE TOGETHER! WE HIT CREEPS WITH BIG FOAM SWORDS TOGETHER!) oh and also we will be doing things to help us pay for the table like slinging brand new screen prints, zines, pins and all kinds of other bullshit from the likes of Ben Passmore, Lindsay Watson, Ferin FickAndy Warner, Ben SnakepitMitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda. Not to mention the horse we rode in on of the rootenist tootenist stickers, patches, shirts, As You Were #1, 2 & 3, screen-prints, a fishbowl full of advice/everclear, healing crystals, hammers both large and small, tonka trucks, hoaxs, screams, a mirror that when you look into it it tells you the future, a mirror thats just a real mirror so you can see how pretty you are, whatever chotchkies we think will make doc hammer like us. so on.

    If you can’t get down to Slam Diego, peek them graphics above for tiny previews, and we will premiere all this new artwork full-on with mail-order links when we get back starting July 29th.

    Oh shit wait we have a crazy-comin-at-ya-straight-up-like-what? awesome and gigantic new screen-print from Liz Suburbia next week that won’t be ready for San Diego, but fuck it, I’m writing about it right now anyway because its about skateboarding and chopping heads off and you’re gonna freak out. 



    Come see me at Comic-Con this week and weekend! Buy Irenes! Buy comics! Buy our love!


  12. Irene 1 and Irene 2 are sold out. Get the bigger and badder Irene 3 or Irene 4!

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  14. seanvscomics:

    3 color screen print. Drawings by DW separations by yours truly.

    (via kidclampdown)


  15. Gabriele Di Fazio of Just Indie Comics gave a great review to Irene #4. Go read the nice things he said about us, or pick up a copy of the book here.