1. Irene 1 and Irene 2 are sold out. Get the bigger and badder Irene 3 or Irene 4!

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    3 color screen print. Drawings by DW separations by yours truly.

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  4. Gabriele Di Fazio of Just Indie Comics gave a great review to Irene #4. Go read the nice things he said about us, or pick up a copy of the book here.


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    From the comic I did for Irene 4!

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    Another one of the interstitial drawings I did for Irene 4, go get it, get it, get it.

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    Oh, look: comics wunderanthology Irene #4 is finally available for ordering in Canada, and Hollow in the Hollows is back in stock on my site.

    You can buy these books online and they will be delivered to your home by a person I haven’t met and know nothing about.

    American-typesyou can order Irene from our site, and Hollow in the Hollows from One Percent Press

    People from other places: contact me and we’ll figure something out.

    Buy comics online to absolve yourself of all the media you’ve pirated over the years. It really works!

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  12. "Endswell" by Jon Fine

    This story originally appeared in Irene 1 in 2012. Irene 1 is sold out, but you can get Irene 3 and Irene 4 here. Or here if you’re Canadian.

    This story was posted with permission from the author. © 2012 Jon Fine.

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  14. Cool interview with Irene 4 contributor Amy Lockhart.

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    I will be attending the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this weekend. I will have the above comics available at my table. Ignore the birds. The table number is 52B, and I will be there with fellow Conundrum Press author Meags Fitzgerald

    If you stop by said table, I can offer you a willingness to participate in a brief exchange of short, polite words, and then we will go our separate ways. No purchase required. 

    I hope to see you there.